Automation of manufacturing process

We have automated a part of the production process for our business partner, a company that manufactures medical devices. The machine enables automatic dosing of tubes on assembly line. The collaboration process started with the presentation of the client's needs and the conceptual design of possible solutions, as this type of solution was not offered on the market. We at Master Production found a creative solution, prepared the entire technical documentation, manufactured and precisely tested the machine, addressed pilot shortcomings, which was followed by the production of another machine with the same characteristics. After successful FAT, we assembled the machines in the customer's "clean room", successfully trained the operators, and thus completed the equipment takeover. We continue the automation processes with the client and provide them with full support in the future for replacing spare parts, addressing malfunctions, or other technical issues.

Do you want to automate your production processes?

Providers of mechanical equipment sometimes do not have a standard product that would adequately meet the needs of our clients, as these can be very diverse due to specific production processes. Designing and searching for non-existent solutions is our favorite part of our business because such projects showcase our strength the most - Master Production's solutions are usually extremely simple but used in a new, innovative way.

In the last year, we automated various production and packaging processes:

  • Automation of the entire packaging process for a nutricosmetics client.
  • Automation of manufacturing process in medical devices industry.
  • Automation of manufacturing process in automotive industry.