Electrical upgrade

Our equipment and machinery meet highest quality standards of food or pharmaceutical industry and our products guarantee high level of safety. Even out-of-date equipment can be elevated to meet quality standards by electrical overhaul and software update. For a client from food industry, we have fully updated electrical installations on his machinery. Moreover, we added safety control mechanism and upgraded the software. As a result, the machinery now has better functionalities, faster performance and is easier to use, which all results in better productivity.


Looking for something similar?

We provide and implement various updates and optimisations on current equipment. Not only we provide and install the new solutions, most importantly we update current machinery to the needed point in order to successfully implement the ordered novelties. Some ideas in the area of optimisations and updates:

  • Labelling solutions (labellers, inkjets).
  • Solutions for easier manipulation – industrial elevators, pallet wrappers, industrial platforms, stairs.
  • Conveyors of various levels.
  • Electrical overhauls and software updates of current equipment.