Horizontal cartoning machine

Our client is a nutricosmetics manufacturer, to whom we automated the entire packaging process. We developed and produced tailor-made machine system, including a depalletizer (automatic bottle unscrambler), secondary packing system and cartooning line and robotization of palletizing process.

Horizontal cartoning system provides two basic variations of packaging - direct 4 in 1 bottle packaging and packaging of pre-packed paperboard foldings. System is based on horizontal packaging process, enhanced with a hopper, labeller and conveyors, where automated carton tape-closing station is positioned as well. Safety-controlling mechanism upgrades system's performance and ensure premium product quality. Furthermore, system is equipped with tools that provide packaging of bottles and foldings with various dimensions. Entirely automated system, with capacity of 700 cartons per hour is linked with previous and following production processes.


Looking for something similar?

Packaging process can be fully adapted to clients' needs and their manufacturing specifics:

  • vertical or horizontal packaging machines,
  • Tertiary packaging systems – cartoning machines,
  • Pick and place systems,
  • Labelling solutions add-on (labellers, inkjets),
  • Different carton closing mechanism (hot-melt, tape),
  • Safety-control mechanisms upgrades and packing variations.