Palletizing systems

Our client is a nutricosmetics manufacturer, to whom we automated the entire packaging process. We developed and produced tailor-made machine system, including a depalletizer (automatic bottle unscrambler), secondary packing system and cartooning line and robotization of palletizing process.

The entire palletizing system is based around a KUKA robot, which can transfer up to 3.000 boxes/hour onto pallets. The equipment is installed on the output track of the cardboard bundler and allows for stacking two pallets up to 2000 mm in height. The packages are automatically stacked on two pallet positions, which assures continous and uninterrupted robotic operatons. The robotic cell is equipped with safety curtains that ensure safe operation during the changing of full pallet positions while in operation. While one pallet position is being stacked, the operator can open the doors of the other pallet position, remove the full pallet and place a new, empty pallet. Meanwhile, the robot continues stacking packages on the pallet position at a reduced speed. If the operator intervenes in the robot's operating area, the palletizing stops safely. The entire system meets high safety criteria, while also maximizing productivity.

Looking for something similar?

Palletizing system can be entirelly adapted to the existing packaging or manufacturing processes and clients' needs. We provide:

  • Robotic palletizing: using robots to pick up and place items onto the pallet in a specific pattern.
  • Machines for linear product sorting enable automatic collection and sorting of products by levels, which are stacked on top of each other onto a pallet.
  • (Automatic) pallet wrapper: machines that automatically wrap and secure the palletized items with stretch film or other materials.

These systems can handle a wide range of products, sizes, and packaging types, and can be integrated with other production equipment to create a fully automated manufacturing line.