Automatic depalletizing systems

In our portfolio of projects and solutions, we offer a variety of systems for depalletizing, which operate on two principles - a depalletizing system based on a sorting device and a classic depalletizing process.

Depalletizing system based on a sorting device

The solution is easily adaptable to various packing materials (e.g. plastic bottles, cans). System provides various levels of automated and autonomous production, with capacity up to 10.000 pc/hour. Bottle unscrambler represent system's base, which can be upgraded with:

  • elevator – for easier pallet transport and manipulation,
  • bottle hopper to maximise system's autonomy
  • conveyors and deviators.

Classic depalletizing systems

We provide classic depalletizers as well, mostly to manipulate glass, plastic or can packaging, arranged on pallets in layers.

Our recent projects:

  • depalletizing system with an unscrambleran elevator for easier handling, a hopper and conveyors were installed in a nutricosmetics manufacturing company.
  • for the Reservoir dogs brewery we designed a hybrid 2-in-1 solution, as our depalletizer handles both bottles and cans, thus supplying the further filling line.
  • we are manufacturing a new unscrambling depalletizing device, with an elevator for easier handling, a hopper and conveyors for a nutricosmetics manufacturing company, which will achieve capacities of 10,000 pcs/h.